Selected Commissions


2022 “Ebb & Flow” Custom House Quay, Greenock, Inverclyde. Public seating inspired by the River Clyde and its inhabitants. Oak, steel,Granite, Jesmonite, porcelain mosaic and various plants. 7mtrs x 5.5mtrs. Clients: Rig Arts, Sustrans & Inverclyde Council.

2020-22 “Dunbritton Harbour Heritage”Multi disciplinary project includes bespoke bench seats, carved paving slabs, ceramic house number plaques and a large-scale sculptural to frame a view of Dumbarton Castle. Clients: Rig Arts, Greenock and Dunbritton Housing Association. (Work in progress).

2020 “Gateway to Auchmountain Glen” Greenock, Inverclyde. A steel. Jesmonite and porcelain mosaic portal at the entrance to Auchmountain Glen, a natural amenity mainained and supported by residents through the Auchmountain Project Group. 3.6mtrs high x 3.6mtrs wide. Clients: Rig Arts, Greenock and Auchmountain Project Group. 

2019-20 “Antonine Wall Sculpture” Community Centre, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire. Sculpture illustrating the brickmaking and metalwork skills of the Roman legionaries and the same industries in Bonnybridge during the 19th and 20th centuries. Cast bronze truncated pyramid mounted on a sandstone and Roman brick plinth. 1.2mtrs x 1.2mtrs x 1.2mtrs. Client: West Dunbartonshire Council.

2019 “The Iron Horse” Rotary Field, Purley, Croydon. Sculpture celebrating the Croydon, Merstham & Godstone Iron Railway which was one of the world’s first public railways. It revolutionized the transportation of goods which were carried in horse drawn wagons on iron rails. It opened in 1805 and closed in 1838,Godstone.  13mtrs x 1.2mtrs x 2,75mtrs. Cast iron, concrete plinth. Client: London Borough of Croydon.

2018-19 “The Broomhill Phoenix” Broomhill Communityu Hub & Gardens, Dempster Street, Greenock. Sculpture symbolizing the regeneration of Broomhill, Greenock. The sculpture takes the form of a 5metre high column, surmounted by a phoenix, formed from the former gateposts of a primary school which once stood on the site. The site was shared with the Caledonian Iron Foundry which is commemorated by four mosaic panels illustrating the foundry process.  Sandstone, porcelain mosaic, Jesmonite and cold-cast bronze. Client: Rig Arts, Greenock.

2018 “The Greenock Cut” Anne Street, Greenock. Sculpture celebrating the man-made waterway which ran through the Broomhill area of Greenock providing the power which enabled Greenock to become an important centre for industry and ship building.  Sandstone, porcelain mosaic, smalti glass mosaic, ceramic tile and cold-cast bronze. Client: Rig Arts, Greenock.

2017-18 Sculpture in Residence. Six month sculpture residency in Broomhill, Greenock.Client: Rig Arts, Greenock.

2017-18 “The Romans” Greenfaulds High School, Cumbernauld. A series of mosaics created with S1 and S2 pupils which arose from an study of the Roman occupation and the building of the nearby Antonine wall Six mosaics each measuring approximately  2mtrs high x 1.2mtrs wide. Client: Grssnfaulds High School PA..

2016-17 “A Life in Pictures” Hammond’s Ridge Meadow, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Sculpture celebrating the life of John Charles Bee-Mason, a pioneer of early natural history filmmaking. Porcelain mosaic and welded steel measuring 12mtrs x 0.6mtrs x 0.6mtrs. Client: Burgess Hill Town Council. 

2015-16 “Laurencekirk Heritage Mosaic” Laurencekirk Railway Station, Aberdeenshire. A mosaic relief celebrating the history and culture of the town of Laurencekirk and its environs. 10.34mtrs x 1.43mtrs. Porcelain mosaic, Jesmonite. Client: The Mearns Heritage Group.

2014-15 “Steam Power” Railway Station, Uppingham Heritage Trail, Rutland. A sculpture to celebrate the age of steam. The sculpture is designed around the traction mechanism of a typical steam engine illustrating how the piston drives the wheels and how they are interconnected. It is partly a three dimensional technical drawing and partly an evocation of a time gone by which still resonates with a large part of the community. 2,5mtrs x 1.2mtrs x 0.5mtrs. Cast Iron and steel. Client: Rutland County Council.

2014 “Oakham Castle Mosaics” Oakham Railway Station, Rutland. Two mosaics illustrating the history and life in medieval Oakham Castle. Porcelain mosaic. Each measuring 2.8mtrs x 1.5mtrs. Client: Rutland County Council.

2013 “David Livingstone Bi-Centenary Window”, David Livingstone Memorial Primary School, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire. A Stained glass window celebrating the life of the Victorian explorer measuring 3mtrs x 1.75mtrs. Client: David Livingstone Primary School Parent Council. (Work in progress)

2013 “Swimmers”, Leisure Centre, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Porcelain pavement mosaic measuring 9.2mtrs x 3.5mtrs at its widest. Client: North Kesteven District Council. 

2013 “Guardians of London”, Holborn Viaduct, London. Two cast aluminium sculptures of dragons. Part of a series of 19th century sculptures which mark the old gateways to the City of London. Client: Ballantine,Bo’ness Iron.

2012 Took a year out to restore and renovate Calderstone House a grade 2 listed 1964 Modernist house by Morris & Steadman Architects.

2011 “Working Hands”, Merryton Roundabout, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire. Stainless steel sculpture. Designed in collaboration with S3 pupils from Larkhall Academy. Client: South Lanarkshire Council.

2011 “Mapa Mundi 2”, Barrhead High School, East Renfrewshire. Interior wall-relief mural in collaboration with Geography Dept. and first-year pupils. Mixed media. 

500cm x 280cm. Client: East Renfrewshire Creative Links. 

2010 “Heart of Stenhousemuir”, Stenhousehuir Town Centre. Cast iron, sandstone and decorative paving.Celebrating the cast  iron and toffee industries and thr Tryst cattle market, once the largest in Scotland. 2.25 metres high x 8 metres x 7.6 metres. Client: Falkirk Council.

2010 “Herring Walk”, Castle Bay, Isle of Barra, Western Isles. Three bronze relief panels, Two measuring 60cm x 60cm and one measuring 120cm x 120cm. Client: Castle Bay Community Council.

2009 “Isle of Barra”, Castle Bay, Isle of Barra, Western Isles. 2.2 metre diameter mosaic and sculptural relief workshops. The mosaic celebrates the island’s award as Calor Gas Ltd. UK Community of the year 2008. Clients: Calor Gas Ltd. UK & Barra & Vatersay Community Ltd. 

2009. “Branston Co-op Mosaic”, Working with the villagers of Branston, Lincolnshire, to create a large exterior wall mosaic tracing the origins and history of the Lincoln Co-operative movement in the village. Unglazed ceramic mosaic measuring 8 mtrs x 2 mtrs. Client: Branston History Group. 

2008-2009 “Aspirations & Inspirations”, Glenlee Primary School & Hamilton School for the Deaf, Burnbank, Hamilton, Lanarkshire. Stone sculpture and mosaic paving. Clients: Governors of Glenlee Primary School. 

2008 “Murder on the Stairs”, East Kilbride Arts Centre, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire. Neon & mixed media. Clients: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

2008 “Fountain of Knowledge”, Glenview Memorial Park, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire. Mosaic fountain base and related children’s workshops. Clients: South Lanarkshire Council.

Text Box: 2007-2008 “Cornucopia”, Retford Oaks High School, Retford, Nottinghamshire. Sculpture work for arts courtyard and related workshops with pupils. 2.5 metres high x 4 metres diameter. Clients: Whitaker Trust & Governors of Retford Oaks High School.

2006 – 2007 “Morning Star”, Gateway to West Belfast, Lower Falls Road, Belfast. Exterior mosaic wall-relief. Unglazed ceramic mosaic, Jesmonite and steel. 4950mm high x 1500mm wide. Clients: Fold Housing Association. 

2007 “A Century of Sport”, Invergordon, Ross & Cromarty. Painted exterior mural 

celebrating sport in Invergordon. 9.5mtrs wide x 10mtrs high. Clients: Invergordon Off 

The Wall & The Highland Council. 

2006 – 2007 Caledonian Circuit, Westburn Road, Cambuslang, Lanarkshire. 

Pavement mosaics set in children’s play park and related design workshops. 16 panels each 600mm dia. Clients:  Rutherglen & Cambuslang Housing Association. 

2006 – 2007 “Mapa Mundi”, Barrhead High School, East Renfrewshire. Interior wall-relief mural in collaboration with Geography Dept. and first-year pupils. Mixed media. 

6700mm x 2800mm. Clients: East Renfrewshire Creative Links. 

2006 “Gather Round”, Invergordon, Ross & Cromarty. Painted exterior mural 

celebrating Invergordon Highland gathering. 9mtrs wide x 12mtrs high. Clients: 

Invergordon Off The Wall & The Highland Council. 

2005 – 2006 “Child’s Play”, Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre, Hamilton, Lanarkshire. 3mtrs x 2.75mtrs granite and porcelain pavement mosaic. Designed with pupils of Beckford Street Primary School and St. Paul’s Primary School. Clients: SouthLanarkshire CounciL, Blantyre & North Hamilton SIP. 

2005 “Life on the Firth”, Invergordon Community Hospital. Invergordon, Ross & Cromarty, Wall mounted mosaic in the entrance foyer to the hospital. Created with the participation of patients, visitors and staff of the hospital. 1830mm x 1830mm unclazed porcelain. Clients: The Highland Council.

2005 “North Thoresby Environmental Improvement Scheme”. Comprehensive 

public art scheme in the village of North Thoresby, Lincolnshire.  Works include art 

features, public seating, pathways, gateways, railings and village signposts. Designs were created through workshops with senior and reenage residents as well as primary school pupils. Client: Lincolnshire County Council. 

2004 – 2005 “Market Hill Mosaic”, Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Wall mounted mosaic set 

in a steel frame. Measures 6mtrs long x 3mtrs high. Mosaic depicts the history of 

Holbeach and its inhabitants. Client: Lincolnshire County Council. 

2004 – 2005 “Stukely’s Sarsens”, East entrance to Carter’s Park, Holbeach, 

Lincolnshire. Two standing stones each measuring 3mtrs high x 1.5mtrs wide x 0.3mtrs 

thick celebrating the life and work of William Stukeley, antiquarian and native of Holbeach. Sculpture relief workshops were held in William Stukeley Junior School. Carved sandstone. Client: Lincolnshire County Council. 

2004 – 2005 “Norman Angel Peace Gateway”, South entrance to Carter’s Park, 

Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Semi-circular pavement mosaic made of granite and limestone 

measuring 5mtrs diameter. Also new sandstone coping stones on wall inlaid with 

mosaic. Client: Lincolnshire County Council. 

2004 – 2005 “Blowing in the Wind “, Outdoor sculpture. New Park Street, Hamilton, 

Lanarkshire. Three large oak leaves in GRP, steel and ceramic measuring 4mtrs high x 

7mtrs long x 3.5mtrs wide. Client: Morrison’s Supermarkets Plc. 

2004. “Branston Mosaic”,  Working with the villagers of Branston, Lincolnshire, to 

create a large exterior pavement mosaic depicting the origins and history of the village. 

Unglazed ceramic mosaic measuring 13.6 mtrs x 4 mtrs. Client: North Kesteven District 

Council & Branston History Group. 

2004 “Burnbank Centre”, Mosaic entrance feature set in the floor celebrating past 

industries of the area. Client: South Lanarkshire Council. 

2003 “Cleveland Gardens”.  A mosaic depicting a small pond, measuring 235 cm x 

110 cm, surrounded by a series of 30 mosaics, each measuring 45 cm x 45 cm, created 

by local residents and children during a number of workshops. The mosaics are set in the pathways of newly developed public gardens in Cleveland Square, Newark Upon 

Trent. Client: Newark & Sherwood District Council.

2002-2003 “Woking Fuel Cell Mural”. A painted mural 360cm high x 2000cm long 

celebrating the development and application of fuel cell technology since its discovery in 

1839 by the British Scientist Sir William Grove. The fuel cell produces energy through hydrogen without any harmfull byproducts. Its use by NASA to power spacecraft has 

been fundamental to space exploration. Fuel cell technology is seen as one of the major 

sources of pollutant free energy for the future and is being tested in a wide variety of 

applications throughout the world. Woking Borough Council has installed the first fuel cell in the UK to power the Woking Leisure Centre. Client: Woking Borough Council.  

2002 “Barbara Sneddon Memorial Window”. Stained glass window 113cm x 55cm.

St. Margaret’s Church, Glenrothes, Fyfe. Client: Mr T. Sneddon and Family. 

2001- 2002 “River Slea Walkway”. A Series of three pavement mosaics along a 

stretch of the banks of the River Slea, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. The mosaics chronicle the 

history of the history and development of the movement of goods on the waterway. 

Each mosaic measures 300cm x 90cm. Client: North Kesteven District Council. 

2001 “Brandon Mosaic”. A 200cm diameter round pavement mosaic, Brandon 

Street, Hamilton. Client: South Lanarkshire Council. 

2001 “Bronze Relief Maps”. Four cold-cast bronze relief maps for Cadzow Glen 

Sculpture Park, Hamilton. Each map measures 45cm x 50cm x 1.2cm. Client: South 

Lanarkshire Council. 

2001 “Boclair Academy Mosaic”. A 240cm diameter round mosaic relief mounted on 

the exterior wall of Boclair Academy, Bearsden, Glasgow. The work was created through design workshops with senior pupils. Client: Boclair Academy PTA. 

2000 “Mallaig Mosaic”. A 200cm diameter round mosaic incorporating 20 low relief 

tiles made by local community groups. The mosaic and tiles are set into the slate floor of 

the reception area of Mallaig and Morar community centre, Mallaig, Inverness-shire. 

Client: Mallaig and Morar Community Centre Association. 

2000 “Washingborough Mosaic”. A series of workshops in the village of 

Washingborough, Lincolnshire. Assisting villagers to design and make a 240cm high x 

120cm wide mosaic. Client: North Kesteven District Council. 

2000 “Billinghay Mosaic”. A series of workshops in the village of Billinghay, 

Lincolnshire. Assisting villagers to design and make a 240cm high x  1200cm long 

mosaic. Client: North Kesteven District Council. 

1999-2000 “All Year Round”. Entrance to Cadzow Glen Sculpture Park, Hamilton, 

Lanarkshire. 500cm diameter circular pavement comprising 12 cast bronze bas relief 

panels each measuring 60cm diameter set in York stone and granite setts. The work 

uses simple icons to illustrate the months of the year. Client: South Lanarkshire Council.

1999-2000“Gateway to Woolwich Market”. Steel and mosaic portal. 8metres high 

x 9metres wide. Beresford Square, Woolwich, London. Client: London Borough of 


1999 “The Seasons”.  Four stained glass windows. Each measuring 64cm x 74cm. 

Ewelme Primary School, Ewelme, Oxfordshire. Client: Ewelme Almshouse Trustees. 

1999 “The Mills of Romsey”. Cast bronze bas relief. 170cm long x 90cm high. 

Romsey Heritage Trail, Hampshire. Client: Test Valley Borough Council. 

1998 “Romsey Heritage Trail Markers”. 25 cast bronze plaques. 23cm x 23cm. 

Romsey, Hampshire. Client: Test Valley Borough Council. 

1998 “Andover Time Ring Seating”, Two curved benches in granite and hardwood 

inlaid with brass. Each bench measures 600 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm. Client: Test Valley 

Borough Council. 

1998 “Andover Time Ring”. 700cm diameter circular floor mounted mosaic and 

ceramic work chronicling the history of Andover, Hampshire, from the Iron age to   the 

present day. Client: Test Valley Borough Council. 

1997 “Gateway to Aylstone Meadows Nature Reserve”. Steel gateway and 

fencing. 850cm long x 360cm high. Client: Leicester City Council. 

1997 “Gateway to Oliver Road”. Leyton, London E11.Two circular steel and mosaic 

relief sculptures each measuring 350cm diameter. Client: Waltham Forest Housing 

Action Trust. 

1997  “Entrance to Chidren’s Accident Unit”. King’s College Hospital, London. 

Painted murals, glass doors and decorative flooring. Client: The King’s Fund. 

1996 “Rainbow Corridor”. Two stained glass windows and two sets of decorative 

glass and wood doors. Frimley Children’s Centre, North Downs Health Trust, Surrey. 

Client: Friends of Frimley Children’s Centre. 

1996 “Tollbooth Sculpture”. Cast bronze and carved stone 140cmx 140cm x 

140cm. High Street, Elgin. Client: Moray District Council and Grampian Regional 


1996 “Heart of Moray”. Pavement mosaic, High Street Elgin. 400cm x 200cm. 

Client: Moray District Council and Grampian Regional Council. 

1995 “Pond Doors”. Stained glass window and decorative glass and wood doors. 

Frimley Children’s Centre, North Downs Health Trust, Surrey. Client: Friends of  Frimley 

Children’s Centre.

1995 “Banners”. Twelve painted ceiling panels each 120cm x 240cm. Client: Rugby 

Football Union, Twickenham, Middlesex. 

1995 “Sea Corridor”. Two painted and gilded murals.Frimley Children’s Centre, North 

Downs Health Trust, Surrey. Client: Friends of Frimley Children’s Centre. 

1994 “Victoria Arch Centenary Commission”. Woking, Surrey. Fourteen 

enamelled aluminium panels each measuring 300cm high x 200cm wide. Client: Woking 

Borough Council and British Rail. 

1994 “Sea Doors”. Stained glass window and decorative glass and wood doors. 

Frimley Children’s Centre, North Downs Health Trust, Surrey. Client: Friends of Frimley 

Children’s Centre. 

1994 “In Health We Trust”. The Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith 

Hospital, London. Painted mural 380cm long x 150cm high. Client: The King’s Fund. 

1994 “Table of Babel”. Old Street, Shoreditch, London EC1. Painted mural 1850cm 

long x 425cm high. Client: Hackney Borough Council. 

1994 “Dalston City Challenge”. Great Eastern Street, London EC2. Painted mural 

3000cm long x 350cm high. Client: Hackney Borough Council. 

1994 “Light Flight”. Kingsland Road, London E2. Neon light installation approx. 

30mtrs long x 8mtrs high. Client: Hackney Borough Council. 

1993 “Arcade”. High Street, Woking, Surrey. Painted mural 3300cm long x 700cm 

high. Client: Woking Borough Council and British Rail.

1992 “Alphabet”. Children’s Day Centre, St. Mary”s Hospital, Paddington, London. 

Painted mural 800cm long x 125cm high. Client: The King’s Fund. 

1992 “The Cockpit Theatre”. Gateforth Street, Marylebone, London. Designed and 

refurbished the foyer and bar. Client: Westminster City Council. 

1990 “City of Westminster College”. Designed and refurbished refectory interior 

including 40 decorative glass windows each measuring 2500cm high x 150cm  wide. 

Client: Westminster City Council.

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